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Impaired Driving

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Impaired driving is the term used in Canada to describe the criminal offence of operating or having care or control of a motor vehicle while the person’s ability to operate the motor vehicle is impaired by alcohol or a drug. … The penalties are identical for impaired driving and driving with a BAC greater than .08.

A person convicted for any drinking and driving offence (which includes a refuse to comply offence) faces an automatic Canada-wide driving prohibition, and either a fine or jail sentence and the possibility of probation.

The minimum sentences are:

  • For a first offence, a $1000 fine and a 12-month driving prohibition,
  • For a second offence, 30 days of jail and a 24-month driving prohibition, and
  • For a third or subsequent offence, 120 days of jail and a 36-month driving prohibition.

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