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CVOR is the registration system for operators of commercial motor vehicles (trucks and buses). It’s the part of the Highway Traffic Act under which operators of these vehicles are identified. CVOR also allows the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to suspend or cancel an operator’s certificate.

Many drivers charged as a result of a road side inspection erroneously think that if they simply pay the ticket, the company won’t find out about it. What these drivers fail to realize is that if an operator reviews the CVIR (Commercial Vehicle Inspection Report), it indicates that charges were laid. That would be the first instance that a company would find out about a driver charged.

The other concern of course with driver charges is that if a driver is convicted, and doesn’t pay the fine, the driver’s licence will ultimately be suspended for unpaid fines. The ramifications for the operator are huge in that there are 10 CVOR points associated with this type of charge. There have been many drivers who have been charged with this offence as a result of an audit or roadside inspection. Of course, it is the operator’s CVOR that bears these points. In order to protect themselves from this type of charge, it is necessary for an operator to have a policy in place which mandates that drivers must hand in all tickets. The operator can ensure that drivers are following this policy by reviewing all Inspection Reports, pulling their Level II carrier Abstract on a regular basis as well as by reviewing driver abstracts.

While drivers pay the monetary price for convictions, it is the operator that ultimately pays the “point” price for all convictions.


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